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Hike to the Gennett Poplar in Ellijay, GA

The Gennett Poplar is a Natural Treasure in the Ellijay Mountains

The Gennett Poplar is the largest tree I have seen in the Chattahoochee National Forest in the North Georgia Mountains, on the outer edges of Ellijay, GA. During the depression this land was owned and being logged by the Gennett family.  Andrew and N.W. Gennett decided to spare the poplar tree from being logged and due to their compassion we have this great treasure to enjoy with our family and friends.  The tree has been recorded as measuring 18 feet in circumference at 4 feet above the ground.  My family and I took a walk up to see the big poplar and the trail is clear with about four places that you will need to cross a shallow creek, my grandson loved to walk in the water.  There is a creek that runs along the trail and you are surrounded by nature at it’s best. Virgin forest is rare around North Georgia but we are blessed to be able to have this treasure in our back yard.

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